Dr Andrew Lewis

Educational Psychologist | Sport Psychology

Educational Psychologist registrations:

Health Professions Council of South Africa (SA) (#PS0089257)

Health and Care Professions Council (UK) (#PYL37069)

Other registrations:

South African Council for Educators (SACE) (#1147133)

Helping You Achieve Success

Sport Psychology

services offered include:

Sport counselling to explore how personal challenges influence the athlete and their sporting performance.

Psycho-educational programs focusing on sport performance enhancement.

Assessments to identify and classify performance-related challenges and issues.

Individual sessions

Individual Sport Psychology sessions typically include: determining current performance and possible areas of development; and strategies to improve these areas.

Team consultations

There are two instances where teams consult with a Sport Psychology specialist; the first one is to support them with some aspect that is very specific to the team, e.g.,

Sport Psychology workshops

Workshops focus on specific themes (e.g., goal setting, mental strategies, and motivation) or can look at a specific sport event or competition

Sports talks

Informal or formal talks are aimed at informing athletes, coaches and parents about Sport Psychology and what it entails.

About Us

Andrew Lewis is a Health Professions Council of South Africa (SA) and Health and Care Professions Council (UK) registered and practising Educational Psychologist and who specialises in Sport Psychology.

He has a post-graduate qualification in Sport Psychology and works with individual athletes and teams who compete at all levels―national and international; and those who compete for pleasure. Andrew also collaborates with sport institutions and schools and publishes Sport Psychology- and Educational Psychology-related articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, newspapers and popular magazines. He also presents Sport Psychology workshops to other health professionals, athletes and coaches; as well as presenting scientific papers at international and national conferences.

Andrew also has an extensive sporting background and understands the demands and pressures of competitive sport―himself competing in the Ironman triathlon.

As an Educational Psychologist, Dr Andrew Lewis’s field of expertise lies within child and adolescent emotional, scholastic and behavioural challenges. Experience in psychometric assessments; psychotherapy, trauma counselling and stress management are a few additional areas of specialty. Currently he is also a locum Educational Psychologist at Bedford Borough, UK where these skills are applied.


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